Dieses Lernmodul wurde von dem Verein EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V. erstellt. Es dokumentiert die praktische Umsetzung von IKZM an der schleswig-holsteinischen Küste.

Summary: Case study participation in coastal defence - Timmendorfer Strand & Scharbeutz

Anke Vorlauf
April 2005

Aerial view of the coastal region Niendorf, German Baltic Coast (source: J.Hofstede)

This learning and information module has been prepared by EUCC - Germany and was funded by the Ministry of the Interior Schleswig-Holstein (A. Dickow & F. Liebrenz), within the framework of the Interreg III-Project CoPraNet.
The work was supported and supervised by Dr. Jacobus Hofstede, the initiator of this regional initiative


The Integrated Coastal Zone Management (short: ICZM) is one point of departure to resolve or to avoid conflicts of use in the coastal areas of the world. In the year 2000, the government of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) decided to develop an Integrated Coastal Defence Management (short: ICM) for the shore protection. An essential part of the ICM is active and early participation of the public at all planning and decision-making processes.

An essential component of this learning and information moduleCase study participation Timmendorfer Strand & Scharbeutz” is the description of an innovative method of active participation: the “Sensitivity Analysis” by the “Sensitivity Model Prof. Vester ©”. This method was tested in the year 2000 in the coastal lowland Timmendorfer Strand and Scharbeutz in Schleswig-Holstein.

The basic idea of this method is that each system can be described by a number of interacting elements. After defining the elements and their interactions, future developments based on specified physical and socio-economic scenarios can be simulated, and the consequences estimated. It is important to involve local (affected) persons into this process as they have a profound knowledge of their system. By this local involvement, the affected understand the consequences of their actions, and are more ready to accept solutions.

This learning and information module addresses to all experts, students and interested citizens. It informs about public participation in coastal defence with the help of different information material: texts to read, drawings, maps, tables and so on.